KitCart is an e-commerce platform for building websites with a difference. This is an e-commerce platform with multi-delivery and multi-dispatch system as well as multi-coupon system coupled with a chat system for the buyers and also the sellers. This will simulate everyday market life at the comfort of your fingertips. Taking your business Far, Above and Beyond.

Linkish helps you create a free unique link to aggregate everything else you do online – a totally free alternative to


Autify is a software solution for the fully autonomous automation of buying and selling of SME data from a Seller’s website to the retailers customers It also achieves the automatic selection of network providers to avoid error in numbers in connection to network providers.


Monixify is an account management system that is aimed as a solution to the documentation of all transactions which includes Sales (Income) and Purchase (Expenditures) as well as Debts (Liabilities).} It is the totality of an account tracker with the feel of personalizing features.